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Bamboo Toothbrushes Australia

Established in 2020, Brushwise delivers eco friendly bamboo toothbrushes to your door. The ergonomically designed wooden toothbrush handle fits perfectly in your hand and ensures your brushing will be just as much of a delight for your teeth as it is for the environment. 


Rapid growth rate, durability and natural decomposition once disposed of - bamboo is a very sustainable alternative to plastic.

Don't stress, We have you covered! Your new toothbrush will be delivered monthly to your door.

For the price of a coffee you can make a change and support the environment.

Buy with confidence, all our transactions are completely Secure through stripe.


Forget using old toothbrushes, we deliver a fresh new one to your door when it’s time to change.

Make a difference


With its ergonomic design it sits in your hand nicely and you will not want to stop brushing your teeth ever again.