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About Us

A Bit About Us

BrushWise is a family business run by Will & Angi in beautiful Brisbane, Australia: The idea came up when we realised how long we’re using the same toothbrush for. How often do you actually change your toothbrush? Every couple of months? Twice a year? When it’s almost falling apart? We were probably somewhere between option two and three. Not only is it incredibly unhygienic but it is actually recommended to change your toothbrush every single month at the very least. But let’s be honest, who cares to remember when they last changed their toothbrush? You guessed it, nobody! So we thought of a way of making sure you always have fresh toothbrushes without having to remember to go and get it – BrushWise. When a new brush arrives in your post, it’s time to change. It’s that easy. On top of this we wanted to make a little impact in reducing single-use plastic that ends up in landfill and ultimately in our oceans. We’ve both grown up in rural areas and the environment and how to protect it has been a very important topic during our upbringing and still plays a vital role in our everyday life. We want to make the Earth smile, one toothbrush at a time.

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I love these guys. Never really thought about how long I would use the same toothbrush!

Lauren Spears

These brushes are amazing, My wife and I are on the duo subscription and are really enjoying it so far.

Jamie Broker

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Really great brushes.


Bamboo brushes delivered to your door!